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About us

Our Story

In the past, Doug Rowland, a successful high-end retail furniture manager with a passion for serving others, made a life-altering decision and embarked on a full-time mission to serve the less fortunate throughout the world.

Brazil played a pivotal role in shaping Doug's journey. It was during a mission trip to the northern regions of Brazil in 2003 that the vision for the Easy Açaí brand began to take form. Surrounded by the lush landscapes where exotic fruits and superfoods thrived, the idea started to flourish.

As the years passed, Doug's determination to bring an authentic taste of Brazil to the United States grew stronger. Finally, in 2018, the Easy Açaí brand was officially born, a collaborative effort between Doug, his Brazilian wife Katia, and her family.

At Easy Açaí, we are deeply passionate about introducing a product that is not only authentic but also healthy, delicious, and convenient. We pride ourselves on being a compassionate company, committed to giving back to the communities in Brazil where we source these treasures and nurturing the land that produces these exceptional foods.

Our dedicated team goes beyond bringing a product to market – we are here to serve each customer and bring a touch of "Easy" into their lives. Our dream is not just to be a successful company but also a significant one, taking these amazing products around the world while always keeping our mission of giving back to those in need close to our hearts.

As we venture on this journey, we are reminded of the words from Matthew 11:30, "For my yoke is easy and my burden is light," inspiring us to make life a little easier and brighter for everyone we touch.

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