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  • What reward do i get for signing up on the Easy Açaí App?
    If you are a new, first-time guest on the app, you’ll get $5 to use on any product.
  • How do i earn points?
    You earn points every time you use this app to stock up on genuine USDA-certified Brazilian Easy Açaí products! US$1 spent in the store means 1 point earned. If you place an advance order for pick-up, choose the curbside option, order catering or select delivery, you will earn loyalty points and they will automatically be applied to your account! When buying in-store, simply scan the QR code in the app as you normally would. Forgot your cell phone? Don't worry... just give us your cell phone number and we'll give you your reward points.
  • How does the rewards program work?
    Earn 2,500 points in our Easy Açaí app and you'll achieve VIG status! VIG status means you'll receive an exclusive gift box, even better birthday rewards and much more.

Feel free to contact us if you have more questions or if there's anything else we can assist you with. Thank you for choosing Easy Açaí

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